Lindsey Steiner Elementary School

Portales Municipal Schools, Portales, NM

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Project Description

Lindsey Steiner Elementary School  |  Portales, New Mexico

This new school 59,000 SF elementary school, which is LEED Gold certified, was designed to be highly energy-efficient. Energy modeling, life cycle cost analyses, and daylight modeling were integrated into the architectural design process, in order to evaluate different design/system options and select those that were most energy-efficient and cost-effective. A ground source heat pump system was shown to be the favorable over other HVAC systems.

The site harnesses naturally-occurring energy through ground-source heat pumps and solar panels and conserves energy through its building orientation, the use of daylighting, and super insulated walls. Water is conserved through the use of efficient fixtures for faucets and restrooms and a landscape design of native, drought-tolerant plants. The energy and water use is being recorded, evaluated, and then modified on a yearly basis to ensure that maximum savings are being attained.

Other energy-saving design features include:

  • Natural daylighting in 100% of the classrooms
  • A white TPO roofing system that reflects radiation and reduces the “heat island” effect so common in Southwest
  • A 50 KW 4,000 square foot solar array, which is projected to reduce the energy use by an additional 25%.
  • A small 1.8 KW wind turbine