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Project Description

Atrisco Elementary School Addition |  Albuquerque, New Mexico

A 39,000 SF freestanding addition replaced the existing “north campus”, which was comprised of six quad style classroom buildings, a cafeteria building, and 3 gang restroom buildings that were all connected by covered walkways. Careful phasing allowed construction to occur on the constrained site without the need for portables and without disruption to school activities.

The result is a new classroom building that consolidates facilities under one roof — 14 general education classrooms, 3 special education classrooms, an art/music classroom, a new kitchen and cafeteria, and support spaces.

The project is on track to receive LEED Gold certification. Sustainable strategies include a high performance HVAC system, LED lighting, increased building envelope insulation, high performance glazing, increased acoustic attenuation, and photovoltaic energy production panels on the roof.